Our favourite things

The greedy team's pick of the bunch:

Hyde Wedge Trainers
£120 from www.hush-uk.com
Highland Escape Larg...
£36 from www.thewhitecompany.com
Elara Jumper
£149 from www.hush-uk.com
Nebulas Insulated Ja...
£195 from finisterre.com
Gold Plated Cocktail...
£45 from www.grahamandgreen.co.uk
Celia Cashmere Jumpe...
£140 from www.boden.co.uk
Avebury Boots
£230 from www.hush-uk.com
Vintage Swing Coat
£198 from www.boden.co.uk
Okello Industrial Pe...
£195 from www.nkuku.com
Westray Jumper
£110 from finisterre.com
Hercules Beetle
£89 from www.grahamandgreen.co.uk
Suede Zip High Top
£75 from www.brora.co.uk
Pambia Pouch
£79.95 from www.nkuku.com
Red Juniper Platter
£125 from ibbidirect.co.uk
Rosemoor Paperbag Sk...
£38 from www.boden.co.uk
Fran Sequin Cuff - B...
£220 from www.wyselondon.co.uk
Watamu Turtle Velvet...
£25 from elizabethscarlett.com
Spot Animal Satin Bi...
£35 from www.topshop.com