Our favourite things

The greedy team's pick of the bunch:

Face pot
£21.62 from www.etsy.com
Rattan chair
£249.99 from www.zarahome.com
Chiri Vintage Gold C...
£29.95 from www.nkuku.com
Merci T-Shirt in Whi...
£14.99 from www.topshop.com
Black And White Ging...
£45 from www.topshop.com
Green Coat Art Print
£26.99 from society6.com
Tarifa kimono
£89 from www.plumo.com
The Prim One - Bunad...
£425 from valleandvik.com
High Waist Paperbag ...
£29.99 from www.topshop.com
Velvet & Rattan Pend...
£185 from www.rockettstgeorge.co.uk
Moyo Lantern
£49.95 from www.nkuku.com
Double strap basket ...
£35.99 from shop.mango.com
Long striped dress
£49.99 from shop.mango.com
Leather sandals
£34.99 from www2.hm.com
A-line cotton dress
£19.99 from www2.hm.com
Straw hat
£27 from www.stories.com
Large hexagon hoop e...
£15 from www.etsy.com
One piece bustier sw...
£42 from www.laredoute.co.uk