About Us

Who are the team behind The Greedy Book?

The greedy journey was actually kicked off by our brilliantly clever sister-in-law Wheezie, with a little book in a drawer in her kitchen. Here the whole family diligently scribbled our deepest desires to act as inspiration for anyone feeling generous. There were no rules; you could add anything from anywhere, from a cat called Audrey or a blue spotty tea pot, to a fully stocked wine cellar. You had no idea what you’d end up with come the big day, but you knew for sure you’d love it. The greedy book revolutionised gift giving for us: birthdays became a breeze, christmas a walk in the park, mother’s day a no brainer.

The two of us have just made it a touch more convenient by popping it online (don’t worry we asked her permission), and thought that in solving our gifting problems, we might also solve yours.

If we’re completely honest, the greedy book is also an ingenious excuse for the two of us to spend more time together. As sisters and all round partners in crime, it’s been a lifelong dream to set up shop as a team, and what better way to do this than with all things greedy. We hope you’ll love it and find it as indispensable as we do.

What's in your greedy book?

Charlie & Millie x