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Errr…. The site looks brand new!

As you may have noticed, we are rocking a new look at the Greedy Book. We hope you like it. You can now access and add to your greedy books super easily on your computer, mobile or tablet. There’s a load more exciting updates coming soon, in the meantime enjoy and if you have any questions please just drop us a line here.


About the Greedy Book

What is the Greedy Book?

The Greedy Book is an easy way to collect, organise and keep track of all the things you want from any online store. It’s the home of the wish list, where you can create and share a library of items you’d love to own. Share your greedy books with friends and family and remove the stress from buying gifts. Send them a link to your greedy book and get something you’ll really love. See how it works here.

You can also use the Greedy Book to discover lots of lovely products - curate your perfect greedy book from our favourite finds.

Does the Greedy Book cost anything to use?

Absolutely not! The Greedy Book won’t cost you a penny.

Can I buy directly from the Greedy Book?

No, the Greedy Book is not an online store and doesn’t sell products directly. The items you see on the Greedy Book are all links to those products on the retailer’s website, your purchase is made directly from them. Each one of these retailers will have their own terms and conditions and privacy policy, all questions relating to products, orders, availability, pricing, charges, delivery or returns should be directed to the retailer in question. To visit the retailers website just click ‘view now’ on the item page of the Greedy Book.


Editing my account

How can I change my personal details?

Just sign into your account and select ‘Edit Settings’ option in the profile drop-down in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You can change your details here and they’ll be updated on our database straight away.

Can I change my email preferences?

If you’d like to receive news and offers from the Greedy Book you can sign up at the bottom of every page of the website.

If you’d like to stop receiving newsletters from us you can unsubscribe at the bottom of any of the emails we send you.

How do I close my account?

We really hope you never want to end your greedy time with us but if you would like to just click here to contact us and let us know. We’ll do the rest for you. Do let us know if you have any feedback as to why you’re leaving, we always keen to hear it and improve.


Signing up to the Greedy Book

How do I sign up to the Greedy Book?

Great decision, you’ll love it. Just click here to fill out our super quick registration form (it takes less than 20 seconds).

Make sure you install the greedy button once you’ve signed up, it makes it easy to add things you love to your greedy books from any online store.


The Greedy Button

What is the Greedy Button?

The Greedy Button makes it easy to add things you love to your greedy books from any online store in just two clicks. Once installed it lives on your browser bar, just click it whenever you see something you want.

Click here to install it.

How do I install the Greedy Button?

Ah, wonderful, you’re about to change your life for the better with this marvelous little button! Click here to see the installation instructions.

Once installed it lives on your browser bar (how handy), just click it whenever you see something you want.

How do I use the Greedy Button?

When you find something you fancy on any online store, just click the Greedy Button to add the item directly to your greedy book. You can fill in some details about it (price, size etc) and select the image you like, then press just press ‘add’.

Can I use the Greedy Button on my mobile or tablet?

Bookmarklets like the Greedy Button don’t really work on mobile or tablet, the best way to add an item if you’re using either of these is by clicking the ‘add’ button at the top of your screen and selecting the ‘add an item’ option, here you add something you love by just copying and pasting a link from any website, easy to do on mobile or tablet.

My Greedy Button isn't working

Don’t worry; we’ll have you back up and running in no time. Click here to contact us and we'll help solve your problem sharpish.

Is it safe to use the Greedy Button?

Absolutely, it’s completely safe to use. The button doesn’t access any of your personal information or download any dodgy software onto your computer, it’s simply a way to add an item you like from a retailers website to your greedy book.

Having problems?

We’re always here to help, click here to contact us.


Creating, adding to and editing your greedy books

How do I create a greedy book?

Very simple. These are the steps you need to follow to create a greedy book:

  • 1. First of all you need to , or create an account.
  • 2. Then click on the ‘add’ button at the top of your screen, select ‘create a greedy book’ and follow the instructions.

How do I add items to my greedy book?

There are two ways to add items to your greedy book. Remember you need to or create an account first.

  • 1. Using the Greedy Button: This makes it easy to add things you love to your greedy books from any online store in just two clicks. Once installed it lives on your browser bar, just click it whenever you see something you want. Click here to install it.
  • 2. Copying and pasting the item’s URL: Click here to add an item by copying and pasting the URL link from any item.

You can of course also add items to your greedy book from our favourite finds, click here to check them out, or you can have a root around your friends greedy books and steal ideas directly from them!

Can I change the image of an item I'm adding?

This depends on the retailer you’re adding the item from. Some will supply lots of images for you to choose from, you can browse through them using the arrows under the image. However, some retailers only give you one image, and some don’t make their images available at all, so you might not be able to add an image.

If you’ve already added the item to your greedy book we’re afraid the image is set, the only way of changing it would be to delete and then re-add the item choosing a different image.

I want to add an item, why is there no image available?

Most of the time the Greedy Button will happily identify the correct image, or offer a selection you can choose from. But there are some retailer sites that are built a bit unusually and don’t make their images available.

Click here to let us know if you find a site where this happens, and we’ll do our best to get it sorted quickly.

What if I want to add more than one of the same item?

Sometimes you might need more than one of something. At the moment the best way to do this is to add it multiple times to your greedy book. So let’s say you’d like 6 glasses, you need to add the glass 6 times to your greedy book. This will mean friends don’t have to buy you the whole set, they can just buy you what they can afford leaving the rest for some other generous gift buyer.

How many greedy books can I have?

As many as you like! The more the merrier.

Can I edit the title of a greedy book?

Of course. Just click on the ‘settings’ button under any book in your library.

Can I edit the title of an item within a greedy book once I’ve added it?

Absolutely, just click the edit icon to the left of the image on the item page. You can change the title, description and price here.

Can I delete a greedy book?

Yes indeedy. Just click on the ‘delete’ button under any book in your greedy library.

Can I delete an item from my greedy book?

Absolutely. If you feel an item isn’t right, just click the cross in the top right corner of image.

Can I make a public greedy book private?

No problem, just click on the ‘privacy settings’ link within the greedy book, just under the title. You can change the status to private or public here.


Buying items through the Greedy Book

How do I buy something?

To buy something from your own, or someone else’s greedy book, just click the ‘view now’ button on the item page. This will take you to the retailers website where you can get more details and buy the item. They will arrange the payment and delivery. Remember to let us know if you’ve bought it by coming back to the Greedy Book and marking the item as purchased, we wouldn’t want the person you’re buying for to get an item more than once.

How do I track a delivery, make a return or query a price for an item in a greedy book?

The Greedy Book isn’t an online store and doesn’t sell products directly. The items you see on the Greedy Book are all sold by individual retailers, and your purchase is made directly from them on their website. Each one of these retailers will have their own terms and conditions and privacy policy. So you should ask the individual retailer any questions about products, orders, availability, pricing, charges, delivery or returns. To find the retailer just click on ‘view now’ beneath the item image and it will take you to the retailer’s website.

Someone's bought an item off my greedy book, why hasn't it disappeared?

Ah, good question, it’s not actually meant to disappear. When someone buys you a gift they will mark it as bought to make sure that no one else buys you the same thing. However, because we’re ol’ romantics at heart and don’t like ruining the surprise, we don’t let you see that. Of course, if you try and buy it yourself we’ll step in and mention that it might already be on it’s way, after all we don’t want you to buy something you’re already getting!

If I buy an item from someone's book will they be able to see it's been bought and from me?

We don’t want to ruin any surprises, so they won’t be able to see an item has been bought unless they try and buy it themselves, after all we don’t want them to buy something they’re already getting! We definitely won’t tell them it’s coming from you though.

I've said I bought an item by mistake, what should I do?

Don’t panic! You just need to click on the ‘unmark as bought’ button to the right of the image on the item page.

I'm trying to buy an item but its out of stock, or not available in their size, what should I do?

Unfortunately because we don’t sell any of these items directly there’s nothing we can do about this particular situation. We’d recommend you check with the retailer to see when they might be getting the item back in stock, or search online, there maybe another retailer that sells the same thing. If you do that don’t forget to come back and mark the item as bought so no one else buys it for them.

I've clicked on the 'view now' button but the link to the retailer doesn't work.

Well that’s embarrassing, we’re so sorry. This may mean the item is out of stock, and the retailer has deleted the page. Or it may mean that the retailer has just changed where things live on their site, and this means links that once worked no longer will.

The best thing to do is to search for the item on the retailers website to see if the page has just moved.


Receiving gifts

How can I be sure that I won't get the same item twice?

Good point, no one wants three of the same hat for Christmas. We ask generous gift givers to mark any items they buy you as bought. This will stop someone else buying you the same item. However, because we don’t like to ruin the surprise, you won’t be able to see what’s been marked as bought on your own greedy book, unless of course you try and buy it for yourself, in which case we’ll let you know, we wouldn’t want you buying something you’ve already got coming your way!

Remember if you buy something from your own greedy book to delete it, so no one else buys it for you.


Sharing and viewing a greedy book

How do I find someone's greedy book?

Looking to buy someone a pressie eh? You’ve come to the right place. Just type their name into the ‘search users’ field at the top of every page. If you can’t get into their greedy book it’s probably because it’s private.

How do I share my greedy books?

All you need to do is click into the greedy book you’d like to share and click ‘share this book’ on the top right. From there you can share it by email, Facebook or Twitter.

If your book is private but you choose to share the link, this will override the privacy setting for anyone who receives the link you send them. This is a great way of just letting a few people see your book.

Is it possible to limit the people that see my greedy book?

Definitely. The best way is to make the book private. You do this by clicking on the edit pencil within your greedy book and selecting the private option. If you make a book private you can still share it with just the people you want to take a sneaky peak, just click on ‘share this book’ and send them the link, because it’s come from you they’ll be able to view it.

Do the people I share my greedy book with have to be members of the Greedy Book?

No they don’t. If you have shared your book with friends via email, Facebook or Twitter they will be able to view it and buy from it even if they are not full members of the greedy book.



How do I search the Greedy Book for inspiration?

You can click here and dive into a world of gorgeous things we at team GB can’t get enough of.


Greedy extras

Where’s my greedy notebook?

We’re updating this particular feature with the new site, so in the meantime we have imported your notebook into a private greedy book in your library.

Do you have a mobile app?

We’re updating our app as we speak, until we’ve completed that sadly it’ll be unavailable to download. If you’ve already downloaded it you’ll find it’s not working currently.


Terms and privacy

Does the Greedy Book share any of my personal information with any third parties?

As we say in our privacy policy, your details are in safe hands with us, and will not be shared with anyone else without your express permission.

Where can I find the Greedy Book’s Terms and Conditions?

Click here to view our terms and conditions.

Where can I find the Greedy Book’s Privacy and Cookie policy?

Click here to view our privacy and cookies policy.

Does the Greedy Book use cookies?

Yes, we use cookies in order to ensure the best possible user experience on our site. Cookies aren’t anything to be afraid of; in fact they’re rather delicious. By using our site you’re consenting to the use of these cookies, for more information please click here and read clause 10 of the Privacy Policy.


Working with the Greedy Book

How do I apply for a job with the Greedy Book?

We’d be delighted to hear from you! Just send us a note at [email protected] attaching your CV and links to five items you've found on the web that you think are awesome, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Where can I get a copy of the Greedy Book's media pack?

Just click here to contact us, and we’ll email you a copy. Always helpful for you to give us some information on why you need it, or what you’re going to use it for so we can make sure we send you the right information.

How can I work more closely with the Greedy Book?

What a marvelous idea! We’re very open to working with lots of different businesses and individuals, and are happy to work on bespoke solutions depending on the level of opportunity. Just click here to contact us.

Is it possible for the Greedy Book to be affiliated with my site?

We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in working with us on an affiliate basis. We run our affiliate scheme through Skimlinks. Please click here to contact us and we’ll get back in touch as soon as possible.

Can I get a greedy book button on my website?

We are in the process of building a free third party greedy book button, which will allow shoppers to add items directly to their greedy books. Please click here to contact us and let us know you’re interested.



How can I contact the greedy book?

Just click here, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I report a problem?

So sorry if you’re having a problem with the site, we’re really keen to get your feedback. Just click here and give us as much detail about the problem as you can. We’ll pass it onto our clever techy team who will do their best to sort out any issues pronto.



Is the greedy book on Facebook or Twitter?

We most certainly are! Click here to visit our Facebook page, it’s updated daily with lovely inspiration, sales gossip, special offers, trend alerts and competitions.

You can also follow us on Twitter (@thegreedybook) or on Instagram for more great stuff (and the odd picture of our greedy dog Badger).

How do I sign up to the greedy newsletter?

Ah, great decision. You can get news and offers from us by signing up to our newsletter at the bottom of any page of the website.

Did we answer all your questions?

Dear me, we hope so! If not we’d love to hear from you, click here to contact us and help us improve the service with your feedback.